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Love Portland Maine

2012 February 7
by admin

Valentine HeartLife in many cities can seem all too impersonal – the tradeoff for added opportunities and conveniences can be the absence of community. Especially in sprawling cities with long commutes, where an average day may look like an hour or more commute into the city for work, the reverse home, picking up the kids from school or day care, and off to afternoon activities – all this before dinner time! It can be difficult to find the time to do anything out of routine and February is just the time to shake things up.

With the winter holidays a memorable distance behind us, and spring still weeks ahead, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to try something exciting. Fortunately, Portland ME is the perfect back-drop for such activities.

Residents of Portland typically love their city and it shows: Portland Maine was the first city to fall victim to the Valentine Phantom in 1976. This Portland tradition of posting valentines decorations throughout public spaces has spread into many cities across the nation. Portland is a city with a great sense of community – it is possible to work, live, and send the kids to a great school all in the same neighborhood.  This is the perfect environment for creative and vibrant ideas to flourish, so no matter if you are single or enjoying some quality time with your sweetheart, you’re bound to find some excitement in Portland this Valentine’s Day.

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