The intent of this site is to provide relevant news, listings and information on the Portland real estate housing markets for homes.

Current Inventory: 89  

 Median Asking Price: 329K

The Porltland Maine Multi Unit market offers the whole range of properties from affordable duplex owner occupied buildings to larger multi unit commercial properties.  Many 3-4 unit properties exist for the entry level and advanced real estate investor.   As of April 2010 there are 89 properties on the market listed at a median price point of $329,000. Broken down there are 40 duplex’s, 35 3-4 unit properties and 14 buildings with 5 or more units.  In 2009 a total of 93 units sold at a median sold price of $295,000.

The Portland multi unit market has lost about 10% of its value over the past year and seen a significant slow down in transaction volume attributed to the general real estate turmoil.

Obtaining a Maine mortgage program and financing a multi-unit is similar to residential transactions although rates will vary based on if you plan to owner occupy the building or to purchase simply as an investment.

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