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The Portland Single Family market offers a wide variety of options to choose from.  As of February 2011 there are a total of 193  homes listed at a median price of $280,000.

In 2010 400 single family homes sold at a median price point of 220K.  In 2009, a total of 413 homes sold at a median price of 218K after sitting on the market for 72 days.   In 2008, a total of 406  homes sold at a median price of  227K and sat on the market for 46  day.  Thus one see that the single family Portland real estate market is fairly stable despite the economic turmoil as of late.

One can find good condition ranches in the outer regions of the city in areas such as Outer Forest, East Deering and Outer Washington as well as huge Victorians and colonials in Deering proper in the 250K-400K range.   On the Western Promenade larger brick homes and stately mansions can be found for just shy of a million, thus the housing market is varied.    The outlying suburbs including Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth and South Portland also offer many additional solutions to find great housing opportunities.