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Current West End  Listings:

Characterized by exquisite brick mansions and town homes, Portland’s West End has been and continues to be the most desirable in town location to call home.  Although the Western Promenade views are not as wonderful as the Eastern Prom’s…the well kept, quiet, traditional neighborhoods packed full of history more than make up for this.    As of February 2011 a total of 49 single family homes condos were listed  at median price of $230,000.  A 1 bedroom condo can be found in wonderful historic buildings for as little as $125,000 whilst a 2500 sq foot townhouses will run $400,000 to $600,000 in price and a 5,000 sq foot mansion  on the promenade is currently listed at 1.2M thus there is something  to be found for all types of discerning buyers in the West End neighborhoods.


Portland East End Historical Real Estate Market Report
In 2010 a total of 98 homes and condos on the West End sold at a median price of $199,000.  In 2009 107 homes and condos sold at a median price point of $193,000 with the lions share of these listings being condo sales thus skewing the overall median price down a bit as single family homes will sell anywhere from $300,000 to $600,000 on average.  To date thus far in 2010 a total of 28 properties have sold – 22 condos and 6 homes.